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P.audio EM18-LB600


PA-Subbas - 600W, 8ohm, 96dB

Inkommer 2017-08-20
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Art nr: 942324


High performance 18" subwoffer. Features a very large diameter silicone impregnated spider that substantially reduces component stress and improves both linearity and long term reliability. The large diameter suspension elements combine with the unique 3.5" voice coil with extended winding length to produce high Xmax performance and very tight low frequency sonic character. The unique 3.5 inch voice coil diameter provides an excellent balance between high power handling and controlled moving mass. The result is a high efficiency design that offers high impact low frequency response and high reliability. The 3.5 inch coil design offers less moving mass than a conventional 4 inch design. The reduced moving mass offers superior transient response. . The performance is optimized when using a high pass 4th order Butterworth filter tuned near the enclosure vent frequency. Although the woofer is rated to 250Hz, typical applications will limit the high frequency response to 80Hz to 150Hz, depending on the response requirements of the full range or mid/high enclosure.

See the pdf for specifications.


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