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Tygbeklädd instrumentkabel för akustisk gitarr. Guldpläterade kontakter. 5m

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Signal- och högtalarkablar med telekontakt.

What is the difference between Electro Acoustic Cable and Electric Guitar Cable?

In general, the impedance of electric guitar pickups is 500K ohm, maximum output is 2 Volts peak to peak, and the range of frequency is 40Hz to 12KHz. So, a lower output is much higher than a higher output. Regarding the Electro Acoustic Guitar, the output of impedance is 5M ohm, maximum output is 500M Volts, and the range of frequency is 40Hz to 20KHz which means the FET Amp + EQ should be installed in order for making lower the impedance level at least 10K ohm.

Therefore, the cable for Electro Acoustic Guitar should have the function of Low Electrostatic Capacitance so that it can prevent the loss of harmonics tone in a fundamental tone. Moreover, the pressure and vibration of the electrostatic capacitance to the cable should be minimized to prevent micro-phonic noise during the instrument performance. Leem cable adopts Elaco Cable’s manufacturing method which enables the rate of electrostatic capacitance changes to be lower than 1/10(20 log 10/9 = 0.9dB.) With above conditions, it can send to amplifier without any loss of harmonic tone in the fundamental tone.

  • Fabric covered Instrument Cable for Electro Acoustic Instruments
  • One-piece Oxygen-Free Copper solid connection
  • Gold-plated Copper alloy
  • 5m [16.6ft]

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