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Fixed architecture mixer/processor with an attractive graphic environment - 8 in + 4 out.

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The MP-M40 music and paging mixer offer unprecedented capabilities for processing and routing high-quality foreground/ background audio for multi-zone retail and hospitality applications, and provides live mixing functionality for business applications that also require live speech reinforcement, including fitness clubs, hotel meeting rooms, banquet halls etc.

The MP-M40 has four mic/line inputs, four line inputs and four zone outputs. Each line input features dual phono jacks (summed to mono) for easy connection to the sources typically found in business music installations.

Input processing

All inputs feature comprehensive processing including high and low-pass filters, 4-band parametric EQ, a gate and a dynamics processor that may be configured as an automatic gain control (AGC) or a compressor. The processing is responsive and musical.

Output Processing

Any combination of input channels may be designated as sources for any output zone. Two input channels may be designated as priority sources that will ‘duck’ the selected input channel for paging/ announcements or to allow a higher-priority source to take over. There are also processing blocks for auto-loudness, equalization (1/3 octave GEQ) and limiting. All output channels include 12 anti-feedback notch filters with a wizard to assist in setting the filters.

Loudspeaker processing

A dedicated loudspeaker processing section contains preset Intrinsic Correction voicings for QSC loudspeakers to maximize the value of the systems. Users may also create, save and recall their own loudspeaker voices using the 6-band fully-parametric equalizer along with high-pass and low-pass filters with a choice of filters (Linkwitz-Riley or Butterworth) and slope (12, 18 or 24 dB/octave).


An integral stereo mixer may be used for reinforcement of live performance or for conference/presentation mixing. Effects processing and a gain sharing automatic microphone mixer are both available. Any inputs can be assigned to the mixer and its output may be assigned to any combination of output zones.

Easy configuration and design

MP Install app gives you an attractive graphic user environment with an intuitive workflow and controls that make it simple to manage all the inputs and outputs.

Workflow Wizard

Helps the installer keep track of tasks and easily navigate the mixer

QSC loudspeaker voicings

Apply Intrinsic Correction™ (factory FIR/IIR presets) to QSC loudspeakers to maximize the performance and value of the system.

Customized control level

Fine tune controls to allow as much or as little as the installation requires on the available MP-M Series control peripherals.

Wired/wireless control options

Use optional MP-MFC wall-mounted controllers with graphic display to control zone source and level or recall presets. MP Manage app expands these control options with wireless, more granular controls. In both cases, facility staff may be restricted to only those controls that they are authorized to use.

Complimentary aesthetics

MP-M Series mixers match the appearance aesthetic of the QSC MP-A Series music and paging amplifiers for an installation that looks as good as it sounds.


MP Install app (for iOS/Android tablets, Windows and Mac OS PCs) is used by designers and installers to configure and tune the system. Designers can use the app online or offline to pre-configure a system without connecting to hardware. All MP-M Series parameters and settings are accessible from the app including an intuitive Workflow Wizard to assist installers with navigating the room tuning process and expediting commissioning tasks. MP Install also allows for customized control configuration for the MP-M Series’ end user control peripherals.

MP Manage app (for iOS/Android tablets and smartphones) provides wireless day-to-day operation of basic system functions including zone level control and source selection, scene recall, scheduling, and mixer control. It also offers a unique store-and-forward paging functionality to the MP-M Series mixer. The installer may restrict or allow which functions are available to the staff. Multiple user profiles can be created allowing the installer or a facility staff member to grant individuals access to only those functions they need.


  • 4 x mic/line input channels
  • 4 x line input channels
  • 4 x output zones + 1 music-on-hold output All Models
  • Supports up to 8 MP-MFC multi-function graphic controllers
  • User control from iOS and Android smartphones
  • Wireless store-and-forward paging from smartphone
  • Mixer with automatic microphone mixer (AMM) function