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Avtech IP Recorder NVR3

IP-recorder med 4 kanaler

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Art nr: 942743


This high definition Network Video Recorder (NVR) combined with Megapixel IP cameras provides a high-resolution IP-based security video system. This system is ONVIF certified: it is compatible with all major professional IP security products that are ONVIF certified. 
The system has an easy plug-and-play configuration with 4 built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports. Just connect each camera (CAMIP11, CAMIP12, CAMIP16, CAMIP17, CAMIP18, CAMIP19 or CAMIP20) with an Ethernet cable to the NVR. The NVR automatically detects each camera. This solution eliminates the need of power adapters and difficult network setup.
The Event Trigger System (ETS) function automatically adjusts the video resolution to optimize the recording efficiency. 
The HDMI TV video output supports 1080P image quality.
Advanced mobile surveillance via free EagleEyes mobile phone software
Easier installation than analog CCTV
high definition recording
recording throughput: 4 channels
1280 x 1024 pixels: 120 IPS, 32 Mbps
camera power supply & video transmission over Ethernet cable (built-in PoE)
mobile surveillance via free EagleEyes software on iPhone, iPad, and Android
mobile phone connection via GPRS, 3G data or Wi-Fi
GUI (Graphical User Interface) display and USB mouse
high compatibility and offsite backup:
compatible with all major IP cameras that are ONVIF certified
works with free Central Management System (CMS) software for offsite backup
local and remote control completely independent
HDMI video output resolution up to 1080p
automatic integrated Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS): free service
optional monitor: MONSCA9
adapter: PAC916T
HDMI cable: PAC400Tx series and PAC400Gx series
optional hard disk: HD1TB/S, HD2TB/S & HD3TB/S
USB mouse: incl.
IR remote control: incl.
IP cameras:
suitable: CAMIP12N, CAMIP16, CAMIP17, CAMIP18, CAMIP19, CAMIP20
(also compatible with): CAMIP9, CAMIP13, CAMIP14N & ONVIF cameras
Note: this product requires a minimum of network installation knowledge
video compression: H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG
video input: 4 LAN ports with PoE
video output: HDMI output 1920 x 1080 pixels
recording mode: manual / timer / motion / alarm
multiplex operation: live display, record, playback, backup and network
audio I/O: input via IP camera / no output
motion detection area: 20 x 15 grid per camera
motion detection sensitivity: -
pre-alarm recording: yes
backup device: USB 2.0 backup and network remote backup
hard disk storage:
built-in SATA type: supports 1 x HDD, supported HDD capacity over 3 TB (HDD not incl.)
external eSata: external hard disk or disk array (Linux system support)
web interface:
supports free CMS software (Windows & Mac OS)
all major internet browsers via Java, QuickTime and VLC plug-in (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome)
mobile surveillance: EagleEyes software
smart phones: iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Android phone & tablet, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile
CMS (Central Management System): remote surveillance to monitor up to 20 different IP addresses (Windows & Mac OS)
web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari via Java, QuickTime or VLC plug-in
remote alarm notification: SMS message, e-mail and image uploading to FTP sites
network connection: supports TCP/IP, PPPoE, DHCP and DDNS function
power source: 48 Vdc 1.25 A (incl.)
power consumption: < 60 W
operating temperature: 10 °C - 40 °C
system recovery: system auto recovery after power reconnected
dimensions: 345 x 59 x 223 mm

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